Techies and Riki guide Mineski into the Minor

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  image: Mineski

  Mineski have not looked extremely promising this Dota 2 Pro Circuit season but it seems that the qualifiers for the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor season 2 have produced something completely different for the Southeast Asian squad.

  While their previous tournaments, except ESL One Mumbai, have not produced great results, Mineski were not letting that stand in their way in the Minor qualifiers. First and foremost, Mineski had absolutely no issues going unbeaten throughout the regional qualifier – taking down BOOM ID and Power of MYSG+AU to reach the Minor, but what needs to be highlighted is definitely their hero choices.

  Their first interesting choice came in their second series of the qualifiers which saw the barely seen (pun intended) Riki drafted by the squad. It was basically uncounterable for the early game period and once they had a foothold, the invisible menace just ran away with the game.

  Things got even stranger today as the squad went into the grand finals of the qualifiers – which saw a position 5 Goblin Techies blast onto our screens. While the hero did not really bring too much into the lineup, it was definitely a sight to behold to see Techies played again and it did assist them in taking the win.

  These two choices could definitely be something that the team have up their sleeve for their upcoming last-ditch effort at qualification for The International 2019 through DPC points. The StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor as well as the proceeding Major will determine whether or not Mineski will have to fight through TI9 qualifiers or get a direct path – with Riki and Techies, we can’t be sure.